Robart III

We're used to seeing unintentionally creepy robots, but not quite so often do we witness drones that are supposedly intentionally scary but ultimately laughable. The Robart III is a mechanical rent-a-cop replacement currently in prototype from the U.S. military's Space and Naval Warfare Systems. It detects intruders and caps 'em with a six-barrel Gatling-style tranquilizer (or rubber bullets, if that's your pleasure) gun. It uses head-mounted sensors of several varieties: two Polaroid sonar transducers, a Banner near-infrared proximity sensor, an AM Sensors microwave motion detector, topped off with a video surveillance camera. All this sex-appeal may backfire for the Robart III, who ends up looking like some comical mixture of a Dalek and Johnny Five. Robart III apparently has some new developers coming on board who want to develop a whole fleet of slave robots to accompany Robart III on its missions. We figure this troupe will either nab a bunch of bad guys, or perhaps end up with a starring role in the next Austin Powers movie.